It's possible to reduce stress, prevent burnout & embody SUSTAINABLE success.

Gain peace & greater well-being so you can THRIVE and lead with presence.

You deserve to live a life of peace, joy, fulfillment, and success!

Which is why I created the Into Empowerment™ 12-week 1:1 Coaching Program



  • Perhaps you are ‘taking on’ too much, struggling to set boundaries, and can't say ‘NO’ without feeling guilty?
  • You could be feeling overwhelmed & disorganized while trying to keep projects on track so deadlines are met?
  • You might be making excuses, neglecting family time, and relationships that are important to you?
  • Feeling out of touch with who you are and what makes you happy, with no time to pause or reflect?
  • You could be sleeping less, feeling irritated, and started snapping at collegues or family/ friends?

You don’t have to live on autopilot, shutting down emotions that come up because of stress.

I know this, because I’ve been exactly where YOU are right now!

After 15 years of International Sales and Marketing, I understand the level of corporate stress and what consequences emerge and affect our health.

In 2014 I went through my own mental & physical burnout and was sick for two years.
During my recovery, I made a commitment to not let another person go through burnout and suffer as I did.



Gain deep self-awareness by identifying your thoughts, emotions, and behavior (and triggers).

Understand your strengths, weaknesses, core values, and start working with them, instead of against them.

And clarity to take back control, manage your stress more effectively, and embody a sustainable foundation.


Mindfulness practices help you to live in the moment. Allowing you to pause, gain perspective, and feel grounded in any given situation.

Build resilience and awareness to decrease your emotional reactivity.

Giving you the ability to relate to others and one's self with kindness, acceptance, and compassion.


Healthy habits will elevate your mind and body every day.

Implement a foundation of habits that will move the needle towards your goals & sustainable success.

Which include sleep patterns, exercise, and self-care that aligns with you.

And a personalized nutrition plan that supports your mental health & well-being.


Set unbreakable boundaries to reclaim your energy and power.

Give yourself more time for your self-care needs, to thrive with ease.
Learn to say No, without the guilt, and start saying YES to yourself.

Your well-being depends on the boundaries you have between yourself and the relationships that surround you.


This 12-week program and holistic approach is based on YOUR individual needs.

  • 4-Step Proven Coaching Program & Goal Setting Guidance
  • Your Unique Stress Management & Burnout Prevention Tools
  • 12 Coaching Calls: 60min- weekly
  • Unlimited Voxer/ WhatsApp Support: Mon-Friday

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Guided Meditation & Mindfulness Practices

This program IS for you if...

  • You are ready to commit, take action and prioritise your health & well-being.
  • Want to build resilience and feel renewed to thrive at work again.
  • Want to stop feeling overwhelmed & exhausted, take back control, and develop positive coping strategies.
  • You seek internal peace and a stable foundation to feel grounded no matter what life throws at you.
  • Want to increase your optimism and ability to stay present with ease.

This program ISN'T for you if...

  • You are too proud to ask for help and believe burnout only happens to weak people.
  • You are looking for a quick fix solution.
  • You are not to open to doing the deeper work and believe life is just stressful as a leader.
  • You are proud of your "hustle", sleeping 5 hours a night and skipping meals because you are "too busy".
  • You are looking for quick wins that help you organize and plan your time better.

Who is Rebecca O'Brien?

Through my private coaching I help creators & leaders like you reduce stress, gain clarity and confidence through developed strategies of unbreakable boundaries, mindset/mindfulness, healthy habits, and taking aligned action.

After my own burnout, I went back to school to become a Certified Stress Management Coach, Mindfulness Instructor, Health/Wellness Coach, and Nutritionist.

The holistic approach in my program looks at the big picture, mind, body, and spirit connection. Which is supported through the 4-step program, Into Empowerment™. This helps you get back in control, gain more energy and clarity, to embody sustainable health & success.

I walk my talk by spending time in nature, practicing mindfulness/meditation, cooking, setting boundaries, cuddling my cats, and love traveling the world.

Ready to feel peace & greater well-being, so you can thrive and lead with presence?
If you are eager to be supported and want to step into your highest self, I would love to hear from you!